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As an educator, what if you were able to:


•anticipate, identify and intervene with ninety percent of your at-risk students even before their teacher identifies them in First Grade
•help eliminate students self esteem issues related to failure in school
bypass reliance on the observations of overextended classroom teachers for most intervention referrals
•develop an individual and developmentally appropriate plan to effectively intervene with students by the first weeks of First Grade
•develop an efficient, systematic, easily documented Student Support Team / RTI procedure for teachers as well as students
reduce your Special Education referrals by two, four or even ten percent and greatly reduce the number of non-qualifying referrals?
Sound too good to
be true?
It's not!

At EducationPathways, we have a vision to create a REAL Student Support Team by...

Affecting the culture of your school by training your teachers to see the skills and abilities of each individual student.

Empowering Administration with timely accurate information for decision making within the Student Support Team.  Enlightening teachers with information that allows them to address each childs learning style and skill set in an individual manner.  Using our system, every 1st grade teacher receives a one page chart that allows them to see their entire class at a glance in terms of thirteen intellectual skills and abilities.  This information is available to them to assist in planning their learning groups and their tiered intervention (Tier 1).
Enabling teachers to meet the needs of students requiring more intense intervention by providing timely, immediate, intense, targeted intervention for students in need of more concentrated attention than can realistically be provided in the classroom setting (Tier 2).
Documenting extensive Response to Intervention (RTI) prior to any special program referral (Tier 3), thereby significantly reducing disqualifications (DNQs) and misidentifications.  Not only does this process provide extensive and orderly intervention records, it also saves the district money in testing costs.

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your school build a ​

REAL Student Support Team​​
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